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Image & Text Seminar


… windows to the soul

Looking through magazines and reading through articles one may get the feeling that for a person to be happy, he must consume all that media advertises. Fashion magazines show beautiful people smiling wearing expensive clothes and living luxurious lives. But you hear a lot of times that they still aren’t happy. They long for more. … Continue reading

‘I am’ here

After writing on abandoned objects I wanted to take it another step further and after watching the Banksy movie ‘Exit to the giftsho’ I thought that street art would be an interesting step to make. Now I have no experience in Graffiti or any type of leaving a mark. Trying to give the message of … Continue reading

gimme some lovin

Another pendant I designed. I came up with this in the middle of the night. This is probably the coldest and clincal way of showing your love by giving your heart.  

dwell on pain

Like every week I had another Lasercut appointment. This time I tried some clear perspex. Since I was working with the Christian Symbol ‘the cross’ I thought I’d design a pendant relating to the topic. My mother never wanted or let us say forbid me to wear a pendant shaped cross especially those that had … Continue reading

we rock!

slowly but surely the exhibition space is forming here is the provisional plan of the space:


it’s incredible how much eyes can tell, mesmerize and captivate you especially if the eyes are the only parts you can see. I started this project/book a while ago called ‘eyes are the windows to your soul’ … and applied the same concept to this picture. what if those eyes can’t tell you any story … Continue reading

Save your soles

walking through Covent Garden.. saw this in the window of a shop and reminded me about a project of mine https://dellanera.wordpress.com/2011/02/23/soule-savers/


just trying out some folding techniques.      

gum church

  I wanted to take an object or an action that most of the poeple use/take in and throw away. What I noticed during my research is that whenever it comes to religion people are willing to share their experiences and opinions, whether it be negative or positive about it so much that random people … Continue reading